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Shmuel Ben-Artzi
I met Shmuel at Ulpan Akiva in Netanya. He's their computer guy and has put Ulpan Akiva on the global Jewish Network.
Ezra Broder - Sports Anchor/Reporter
The son of Sharon Goldman and Gary Broder is now a sports anchor for Channel 3 in Springfield.
Broder's Rare and Used Books
This is a rare and used book collection put together my my good friends Kathie Handler and Gary Broder. Judaica is, of course, a specialty, but they have a quite eclectic collection.
Steve Brody
One of my cousin's on my father's side, Steve has put up a family tree on his web page.
Professor Scoop Crane
Actually Brian Macfarlane, a student at UConn.
Bill Glick
I haven't looked at this yet, but I was sent the following message:
Please spend a few minutes and look at my book.
lets bring peace to our planet, equality based on the soul, and one G-d with many names. El KNA is the same in Sanscript and Hebrew.
Caryn Gottlieb FitzGerald
Caryn is a cousin I just (in March, 1997) found out about and she's also the first relative I know of other than my favorite daughter who has a home page on the web.
Eric Jacobowitz
Joja Jacobson
Includes a lot a Jewish/Israel oriented links, including security and terrorism related items.
Jerry Krupnick
Jerry used to own Kineret Foods, but he really likes computers more than kosher food. He was also a vice president of the American Jewish Information Network, and was really the person who insisted on starting it.
Besides his own home page on his personal domain, he's set up his own web hosting company, InfoShop. I recommend taking a look.
Don Kraft
I met Don at a CJF General Assembly, when he was sitting next to me at a workshop and passed me a note saying that he had a proof to Fermat's Last Theorem but it wouldn't fit in the margin of the convention schedule.
Joel Kronengold
Since his semi-retirement, Joel has become an Internut. He's a steady supplier of jokes and has now created three home pages.
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  • David McGavran
    Stew Miller
    Recommended by Marty Feins
    Michael Newman
    The son of my good friends Joan and Bill Newman
    Ed Rosenfeld's Virtual Reference Desk
    Rob Roy
    My neighbor and one of Connecticut's foremost chess fanatics.
    Ruevain Safir
    Murphy Sewall
    Audrey Beth Stein
    My Favorite Daughter
    Mark Steinberger
    Joe Tuggle
    The teenage webmaster for B'nai Chaim Synagogue in Southbury.
    Pamela Weintraub
    Pamela Weintraub is a friend of my cousin Audrey and Executive Editor of Omni Internet, the World Wide Web version of Omni Magazine. She was previously editor at large and senior editor at Omni, a staff writer at Discover magazine, and is the author of 12 books on a range of subjects, including learning, pregnancy, and animal rights. An inveterate net surfer, she currently writes two weekly columns on business and entertainment in Cyberspace for the LA Times Syndicate. She is creative director and CEO of Online Concepts, Inc., an Internet content provider, and webmaster of a home page examining magazine journalism in Cyberspace.

    The Comedian: United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

    Speaking to a reporter at the United Nations headquarters, Ban Ki-moon, apparently with a straight face, said: "I don't think there is discrimination against Israel at the United Nations."
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