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  • EMail Address Searching
  • Commercial Internet Providers
  • Commercial Online Services
  • General Internet Information
  • Domain Registration Information
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  • EMail Address Searching

    AOL NameSearch
    If you are unsure of the correct email address for a particular AOL user, you can visit the NameSearch website where you will find instructions and a simple form to locate the email address you are looking for!
    Internet Address Finder
    World Email Directory
    A global online search engine database for email-addresses, URL and other information, with personal and business profiles from all over the world.
    Self-described as follows.
    Fast, friendly and free, WhoWhere? is a comprehensive White Page service for locating people and organizations on the Net. WhoWhere? intuitively handles misspelled or incomplete names. A nice place to start your search...

    Commercial Internet Providers

    AT&T WorldNet(sm) Service
    (60-75 cities) -overwhelmingly received the most recommendations from Mac Evangelists, -5 MB webspace, -MacOS ONLY, doesn't support Windows/DOS -very new company, coverage area not yet quite national.
    Concentric Network
    (200+ cities) -5 MB web space, and great new home page with personalized news/info via Excite.
    EarthLink Network
    (200+ cities) -2nd most popular ISP, 2 MB of web space.
    Northwest Nexus
    Spry Communications
    Internet In a Box
    Internet Access Providers Meta-List
    There are a large number of lists of Internet access providers available on the web. The lists cover different areas, contain different information about providers, and get updated at different times.

    The IAP meta-list contains pointers to over one hundred local, country, and international lists of Internet access providers. To make it easy to find the lists that will help you the meta list is organized by the geographic regions covered by the IAP lists and contains descriptions of the lists.

    The page also contains pointers to essays on how to select an Internet access provider and has suggestions for Internet providers.

    Self-proclaimed to have the most in-depth directory of ISPs on the Net.
    The Providers of Commercial Internet Access Directory. A hyper-text list containing information on hundreds of Internet providers, including addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, and pricing. It is indexed by area code (for the U.S. and Canada) and by country (for the rest of the world).
    The Ultimate List of ISP Lists

    Commercial Online Services

    Online Connection
    Online service pricing information.
    America Online
    CompuServe Member Services
    Microsoft Network

    General Internet Information

    The List of Publicly-Accessible Dialup Internet Providers
    Eudora Configuration Instructions
    by Todd Houle (
    _INTERNET RESOURCES_is a FREE WWW newsletter produced by Heriot-Watt University Library. It informs about new and recent Internet resources of interest to the higher education community. It also hopes to provide occasional guidance on various aspects of electronic information. It may be of use to anyone interested in the more serious aspects of the Internet and its resources.
    Internic's WHOIS Database
    Internic's database of registered domain names.
    IRC Client
    Listserv Information
    Lots of info about listservs, including a very good search tool for finding what you want among the 7,655 lists. In addition to searching by keyword, you can view lists by host site, country or large size (1000 or more).
    For list owners, there are some goodies: a listowner's guide that you can download in various formats, and a list of mailing lists, including LSTOWN-L@SEARN.SUNET.SE, the list for list owners! Also, you can improve the look of your own list's entry in the database by giving it an html description, and the tool to do so is right there on the page.
    The web's biggest directory of e-mail discussion groups. Liszt features fast, searchable access to info on more than 22,000 listserv, majordomo, listproc, and independently-managed mailing lists. Liszt updates itself weekly with direct queries to hundreds of servers, so the information's always current; there's also a form where list-owners can add their own lists to the database.
    Net-Happenings Resource Submittal Form
    All postings to the Net-Happenings Digest should be made through the Net-Happenings Resource Submittal Form. The format includes your e-mail address, title or subject of resource, keyword category of resource <eg WWW, GOPHER>, URL of resource, description of resource.
    Yahoo! Interactive
    Yahoo's Magazine
    ZD Internet Magazine
    Ziff-Davis Publishing's source for Internet and Intranet computing.

    Domain Registration Information

    Information from Network Solutions

    1. Renewing Domain Names
    2. Modifying a Domain Name Record
    3. Modifying a Contract Record
    4. Requesting a Domain Name Status Report
    5. Register a Domain Name
    6. Access Your Account

    Internet Instruction

    Explore the Internet Now
    IPL Classroom
    Internet for the Beginners
    Internet Learner's Page
    Internet Resources on the Web
    Internet Starter Kit
    Adam Angst's page for readers of his book, but anyone is welcome to use it. He's collected what he considers to be the best sites for searching the Internet and a small collection of the best Macintosh sites, and listed them all on a concise Web page.
    The Newbie's Guide to the Net
    Seattle Public Library
    Research for Better Schools Gopher
    Guides to Using the Internet
    Bowling Green State University
    Tutorial Links
    Ride the e-Train
    University of Illinois at Chicago Class
    EARN's Guide to Network Resource Tools
    GlobalCenter Web Internet Tour
    EFF's (Extended) Guide to the Internet
    Formerly Big Dummy's Guide
    Internet Survival Skills
    Roadmap to the Internet
    Let's Go Gopherin'
    Network Knowledge for the Neophyte
    The Internet: An Overview and Bibliography
    The Online World Handbook
    Intro to the Internet
    Mecklerweb's Entry Level
    The Incomplete Guide to the Internet
    Answers to Commonly Asked 'New Internet User' Questions
    Gopher Frequently Asked Questions
    Introduction to Gopher by Rich Wiggins
    Answers to Frequently Asked K-12 Internet User Questions
    Internet Tools
    Help for UNIX Novices

    Internet Software

    Quality Communications
    Publishers of Eudora.

    The Comedian: United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

    Speaking to a reporter at the United Nations headquarters, Ban Ki-moon, apparently with a straight face, said: "I don't think there is discrimination against Israel at the United Nations."
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