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Macintosh Resources

  • Apple Computer
  • Mac OS X Information
  • Macintosh Magazines
  • General Information
  • Networking Information
  • General Mail Order Vendors
  • Specialized Mail Order Vendors
  • Hardware Information
  • Software Information
  • Downloads
  • Apple Computer

    The Apple Computer Home Page

    The global entry point for the Apple Web servers. Includes corporate information, press releases, employment opportunities, investor information, and how to contact Apple.

    Key Apple Computer Home Pages

  • The Apple Store -- The Apple Store appears to carry most of Apple's product line, including Macs, peripherals, Newtons, and software. For the most part, pricing is comparable to what you'd find at Apple resellers, although a Special Deals page lists some clearance items and refurbished Macs at cheap prices.
  • Apple's Developer World
  • Mac Java -- Apple's base link for resources for Java, including downloads of Mac Runtime for Java (MRJ) and its Java Development Kit (JDK).
  • Apple Higher Education
  • Apple Support & Product Information
  • Apple Market Center Seminars
  • [TOP]

    Mac OS X Information

    Apple's OS X Page
    Technical informatioon, software downloads and technical support
    Macworld Forums's OS X forum
    Rob Griffiths' Mac OS X Hints Page
    Questions and answers along with links to other OS X sites and download sites
    MacFixit OS X Page
    Troubleshooting and message boards
    MacinTouch OS X Reader Reports
    Experiences of MacinTouch readers
    Ilene's Machine OS X Links
    Comprehensive list of OS X links
    Clearinghouse for software updates

    Macintosh Magazines

    MacWEEK Downloads
    MacWeek Columnists
    Don Crabb
    The Mac Manager
    Ric Ford
    Mac The Knife

    General Information

    Formerly called MacTemps. Technical positions for Macintosh support, with offices in several major cities including Boston, London, New York, Paris, Philadelphia, Seattle and Stamford.
    The Connecticut Macintosh Connection
    CMC meetings are held at the University of Hartford in West Hartford, Connecticut.
    Information on where to get the lowest prices for Macs and peripherals. Contains links to dealram, dealnews and dealchat.
    Mac Central "MacCentral is a daily electronic publication providing a platform from which to promote, discuss, inform and generally wonder at the World which is Macintosh. We will keep you up-to-date with the latest news and product information and serve up an assortment of resources to help you get more from your Mac. MacCentral ... the place to be!"
    Everything Macintosh
    Updates to "Sad Macs, Bombs, and Other Disasters" by Ted Landau. Daily posts about problems and solutions.
    The Online MacinStuff Times
    MacinStuff Times has recently implemented an entirely new look and added many new features such as:
    An Exclusive Deals section
    A WWW search engine
    The InformInit
    Guide to what's dispensible on your Mac and to extensions, control panels and system-related info. From Ambrosia.
    The InformInit is a shareware document/application within which you can find almost every init Apple has ever produced, with information on what they do, who needs them, version numbers, RAM consumption, tips and tricks, and URLs for further information on confusing items. There is an ever-growing section on non-Apple inits.
    Available as a downloadable DocMaker file as well as readable on the Web.
    A chapter on System Folder contents gives information on some of the common items found loose in the System Folder. There is a summary of Apple information on System 7.5.3, such as which computers need which of the various updates (7.5 update 2.0, Revision 2), how to best install the updates, and what changes have been made in each update. Finally, there is extensive information about PRAM, how to reset it on various Macs, and what actually gets "reset." Use this guide to satisfy your curiosity about unidentified files, to help you cut down on all the spurious extensions that you don't really need, and to generally improve the performance of your Mac.
    The Review
    Devoted to reviews of the latest Macintosh products and interesting columns and articles.
    Scanner Tips
    I've been told that the following three sites contain answers to questions about scanner resolution, color and just about any other scanner topic.
    1. Scanner Authority
    2. Scan Tips
    TidBITS FTP Site Containing Back Issues
    TidBITS WWW Site Containing Back Issues
    Search TidBITS Back Issues With WAIS
    Troubleshooting on a Mac
    Zplace has launched a new page devoted to troubleshooting freezes and crashes.
    It is meant to be a systematic and comprehensive guide to aid users. It includes links at the end and links to key resources.
    It is unique in pulling to together a wide array of resources.
    The ULTIMATE Mac Site
    USB Resources
    The Woz
    Steve Wozniak's Home Page

    Networking Information

    Sustainable Softworks
    IPNetRouter for sharing an Internet connection among multiple Macs.
    Internet Gateway for sharing an Internet connection among multiple Macs.
    Cables, concentrators, transceivers, connectors.
  • Asante
  • Dayna
  • Farallon
  • Sonicsys
  • Thursby Software Systems
    Miramar Systems
    Timbuktu Pro 32
    At Home with Network Cabling
    Ethernet Information from Applelinks
    Information about wiring and cabling. [TOP]

    General Mail Order Vendors

  • Cyberian Outpost
  • Jameco Electronics -- parts and tools
  • JDR Electronics -- parts and tools
  • MacConnection
  • MacMall
  • MacWarehouse
  • MacResQ
  • The Mac Zone
  • [TOP]

    Specialized Mail Order Vendors

    APS Technologies
    Hard Drives, Other Storage Devices
    APS Price List
    Chip Merchant
    Coast to Coast Memory
    RAM. Also known as 1-800-4MEMORY.
    Hard Drives
    The Mac Professional's Book Club
    Books, obviously
    Hard Drives
    Shreve Systems
    Used parts and refurbished systems.
    Sun Remarketing
    Used parts and refurbished systems.

    Hardware Information

    Networking products for Macintosh and lesser computers. Formerly known as Farallon.
    UMAX Technologies
    Scanners and other peripherals.

    Software Information

    Adobe Systems
    Creator of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, PageMaker, inDesign and Adobe Type Manager.
    Alsoft produces two utilities, PlusMaker and PlusMaximizer, for converting hard disks to Apple's new Macintosh Extended Format (HFS Plus). PlusMaker (an 875K download) enables you to perform the conversion without reformatting; PlusMaximizer (a 265K download) gives you the option of using 512-byte allocation blocks instead of Apple's default size. Each utility costs $29.95, or both can be purchased together as a 1.1 MB download for $39.95.
    VirtualPC, Ram Doubler and Speed Doubler
    Developers of the Java editor SpotCheck, designed to help a Java programmer produce correct code without relying on confusing and untimely feedback from a compiler. As of October, 1998, the editor sells for $20.
    Micromat Computer Systems
    Publishers of TechTool Pro, a utility for diagnosing and repairing Mac hard drives, including those formatted with HFS+. It also tests RAM, CPU, floppy drives, scanners and CD-ROM drives.
    SmartStuff Software
    Publishers of FoolProof
    Publishers of Norton Utilities
    Tenon Intersystems
    PowerMachTen Unix for Power Macs
    Mac TeX-LaTeX Web Site
    Loads of information about various versions of TeX and LaTeX implementations for the Mac.
    Web Server.


    FTP Site
    Conflict Catcher
    Frontier is a free scripting environment which includes Web site management, CGI scripting, and network communications capabilities.
    Download Dispatch
    Keeping up on the latest software and updates for your Mac is easier than ever with the for the Mac, from your friends at DOWNLOAD.COM. Every week you get the latest scoop on the new software that can be downloaded right from DOWNLOAD.COM. In addition, you also find out about the latest updates to the software you already have. What could be easier?
    GNU Emacs 20.6 for Mac OS Release d5 -- Home page of a GNU Emacs 20.6 for Mac OS, which implements many of Emacs's features. This release adds support for fontsets and international character set support. It is distributed under the GNU Public License.
    Email Effects
    $10 shareware. A graphics package that draws using ASCII characters, making it easy to create neat signatures and other special effects for email. The program has a professional interface, excellent online help and tool tips support.
    The POP email client from Qualcomm. Both shareware and commercial versions are available.
    An IRC client for the Mac.
    MacWEEK Downloads
    MetroWorks Codewarrior
    Includes compilers for a variety of different languages.
    A music-notation shareware package. A fully functional demo can be downloaded. Registered users can print out the program's manual and get free tech support via email. Bye Sincrosoft srl.
    Shareware TeX application for the Mac.
    PageSpinner A Web Authoring Tool
    According to TidBITS, "at $25, PageSpinner represents one of the best shareware values" around.
    From Progressive Networks. The RealAudio Player is free for individual use, and provides improved audio quality and stereo streamed audio over 28.8 Kbps modems, while the $30 commercial Player Plus features improved playback via buffering (even on slow or flaky connections) and a "record" mode for offline listening. The free Real Audio Player is about 1 MB and requires a 68040 or better processor; Player Plus requires a Power Mac.
    ShrinkWrap supports large volumes (such as CD-ROMs, hard disks, and removable media), self-mounting disk images, and new image formats (including DiskDup+, Apple Drive Containers, and PC disk image files). ShrinkWrap remains free for non-commercial individual use; commercial users can register through Kagi Shareware. From Chad Magendanz.

    The Comedian: United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

    Speaking to a reporter at the United Nations headquarters, Ban Ki-moon, apparently with a straight face, said: "I don't think there is discrimination against Israel at the United Nations."
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