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Letters Submitted to The New York Times

Over the years, I've submitted many letters to The New York Times, generally critical of biased, anti-Israel items published in The Grey Lady. Except for an innocuous letter I submitted when I was a teenager, they haven't published any of them despite the fact, in my humble opinion, they were often better letters than others published on the same issue.

Or, perhaps that is why they weren't published. I noticed, when I've been made aware, because of my involvement with PRIMER-Connecticut, of letters sent to Connecticut newspapers, the letters actually published were often the weakest of those submitted.

I've kept a record of most of the letters I've submitted to The New York Times since 2003 and posted them here. In each case, you can read the letter by clicking on the date.


January 2: Re Emboldened Israeli right presses moves to doom 2-state solution
January 5: Mindless two-state solution mantra an obstacle to peace
January 9: One State Solution? Not a Chance!
January 28: Israeli Failure


January 30: Times gives Palestinian lies "dog bites man" treatment
February 1: Refreshing admission from Ian Fischer
February 10: Muslim Brotherhood doesn't promote brotherhood
February 14: Trump needs to avoid mistakes of predecessors
February 16: No good options available
February 17: Trump's Nonsensical Statement
March 2: Still no partner for peace
March 9: No welcome mat for people trying to kill you
March 11: Hamas proposing to dupe willing idiots
April 17: Irresponsible omission merits apology
May 29: Opposition to Sarsour isn't a free speech issue
June 3: Orwellian analysis
June 6: How the 1967 war came home to Hanan Ashrawi
June 15: Looking at both sides of Roger Cohen's fun house mirror
July 31: Unenthralled by analysis of brewing war in Gaza
August 7: Missing moral compass
October 2: Enough of the phony moral equivalence
October 11: President Obama set precedent of breaking promises of predecessor
November 9: It's the phony "peace process," not "peace," that's become toxic in Israel
November 13: Feeling safe eating under the gaze of a terrorist
November 24: Why Won't Israel Let Me Mourn My Father?
December 8: Roger Cohen got one thing right
December 19: It's not just Trump who seems confused about Jerusalem ... and honesty


January 1: Jewish-Arab love story not excluded from Israeli classrooms
January 5: Traitors and Human Rights Organizations
January 28: BDS abuse of human rights movement
January 30: The Times applies double standard for Israel
February 11: Who are the true heirs of Jeffersonian democracy?
February 19: White House Goes Overboard Criticizing Schumer
March 15: Netanyahu's unwillingness to make peace
March 23: Straight talk from Bernie Sanders
April 5: A distinction without a difference
April 12: Don't make another mistake in the Security Council
May 3: The British Left's Zionism problem is also their Jewish problem
May 4: When the right wing is more liberal than the moderate
May 22: Bergman Op-Ed implicit tribute to Israeli democracy
May 31: Contrast between Palestinian Arabs and Israelis
June 6: Stated goal of BDS founders omitted
June 9: Americans murdered by Palestinian terrorists treated as less than fully human
June 14: Opposition to boycotting anti-Semitic boycotters hypocritical
June 20: Be thankful for small favors
August 6: Security-State Models?
August 28: Israel and Arab states can't openly be friends because of decades of Arab demonization of Israel
September 1: Appeals decision deals blow to "No Justice, No Peace"
September 5: Stop endorsing ethnic cleansing
September 25: Wisdom of Golda Meir
September 29: Throwing stones constitutes violence
October 3: Ashrawi stays in character
October 7: Please, President Obama, don't do any more damage
October 20: How to Ensure the Iran Nuclear Deal Survives the Next President
October 29: Cohen should write about why the Palestinian Arabs refuse to make the choice for peace
November 29: Obama Should Reject Carter's Bad Advice
December 1: President of "Palestine" admits it doesn't exist, so why recognize it?
December 3: Why does Rachel Kushner ignore the elephant in the room?
December 13: End the absurdity (of placing the American embassy outside Jerusalem)
December 17: Don't let the tail continue to wag the dog
December 24: Mr. President, have you no shame?


January 1: The real reason there will be another Gaza war.
February 4: A Bad Mistake Politically, A Gift to America.
February 25: Rein in the Forces of Violence
March 4: New York Times Should Support a Good Deal with Iran
April 8: A Sobering Thought About Iran
April 10: UN Responsible For Peacekeeper's Death
April 18: Double Standard on the Temple Mount
May 14: Key to Mideast peace is the vision of peace
May 28: Give the Red Card to the Palestinian Authority
June 1: El Ad's Charade
June 2: As Iran's Nuclear Stockpile Grows, Congress Must Do Its Job
June 9: Taiwan isn't the capital of China and Tel Aviv isn't the capital of Israel
June 16: The truth hurts
June 23: Human Rights Commission promotes next Gaza war
July 20: Not such a good deal
July 30: Kristof is only half right
August 4: Reject an imperial presidency
August 10: Proponents, not opponents, of Iran treaty spreading false claims
August 13: Ugly and flawed deal worse than alternatives
August 15: Red Cross Red
August 24: What's the benefit of the JCPOA?
September 11: Iran Filibuster Shameful
September 16: Thank God for Outdoor Exercise in the West Bank
September 24: Palestinians still wedded to infamous three no's
October 1: Abbas' underwhelming announcement
October 6: Abbas' frustration illogical
October 9: Historical Certainty Proves Elusive Only for The New York Times
October 10: It's hard to teach an old terrorist new tricks
October 16: There is no cycle of violence in Israel
October 28: Lies should be distinguished from truths
October 29: Been there, done that
November 9: Obama and Netanyahu: A Story of Slights and Crossed Signals
November 13: EU is morally bankrupt


January 27: Op-Ed by Carl Levin and Angus King use invalid argument against the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act.
March 7: The New York Times asks the wrong question to the wrong party.
April 16: The New York Times writes it's pointless to assign blame for the collapse of negotiations and then unfairly blames Israel.
May 1: Mahmoud Abbas' words and actions contradict assertions that he believes in negotiations.
June 10: If Fatah has renounced violence, then it's done it in a very strange way.
June 20: "The Death of Klinghoffer" is a hateful piece of propaganda masquerading as art.
June 26: It would be difficult to find a single assertion in Marwan Bishara's op-ed with which a knowledgeable, reasonable person would agree.
July 8: The New York Times is an impediment to peace.
July 18: Yes, The West did pave the way to war in Gaza.
August 7: To Save Gaza, It Must Be De-Terrorized.
August 8: Back to Square One.
August 20: The Cease-Fire Ended When Israel Fired Back.
September 4: First, the Arabs Have to Want a Palestinian State.
September 23: Talk in Synagogues Shows Unified Support for Israel
September 28: How Israel Stifles Dissent, Not!
October 7: No Group Scrutinizes Itself As Much As The Jews
October 8: Mahmoud Abbas Wont' Make Any Concessions
October 12: Make this the last time we have to rebuild Gaza
October 15: House of Commons Sends the Wrong Message to Israel and to the Palestinian Arabs
November 18: American Needs to Protect its Citizens from Palestinian Arab Terrorism
November 19: The Palestinian Arabs Dancing in the Streets Didn't Consider the Horror a Tragedy
November 20: If Only The Palestinians Would Fight Back Against Their True Oppressors


May 29: The New York Times unfairly questions Israel's commitment to peace but ignores the blatant actions demonstrating the Arabs aren't interested in peace.
August 13: Arab insistence on the release of murderers is not a sign of a commitment to peace.
September 15: Ian Lustick strangely argues that people who cannot agree on living separately in two states would live peacefully together in one state.
November 29: Iran is playing games with its commitments under its agreement with the P5+1.


August 14: Israel has made it clear that it prefers a diplomatic solution to the threat caused by Iran's nuclear weapons program.
September 28: Contrary to The New York Times editorial, the Israeli prime minister is trying to get the world to effectively deal with the Iran nuclear weapons program while avoiding the need to resort to military force.
November 15: The New York Times pretends the launching of thousands of rockets and mortars at Israeli civilians does not violate a cease-fire.


April 25: The New York Times ignores all the generous proposals Israel has made over the years along with all the constant rejectionism of the Palestinian Arabs.


December 15: Mahmoud Abbas' own words give lie to the assertions of Hussein Agha and Robert Malley about his alleged willingness and an alleged Israeli unwillingness to compromise.


January 25: Ethan Bronner's article inadvertantly illustrates the heart of the Arab-Israeli conflict: the unwillingness of the Arabs to accept Israel's very existence.
August 6: Contrary to assertions in The New York Times editorial, the Obama administration's pressure on Israel encourages the continued intransigence on the part of the Palestinian Arabs.


December 15: While the Jerusalem bureau chief for The New York Times believes "the word terrorist is politically loaded and overused," it certainly hasn't been overused in the case of the massive number of Arab terror attacks against Israelis.


November 1: Ahmed Yousef preconditions his proposal for a ten-year "hudna" on Israeli capitulation to demands that would be outrageous even in exchange for a real peace.
March 16: It's become traditional to condemn Israel for actions we eventually realize should have been praised.


May 26: Michael Tarazi's references to "Israel's border" contradict the terms of the 1949 armistice agreements.
October 29: The plans for an Israeli disengagement from Gaza should arouse mixed emotions for reasons far different from those given by The New York Times.


March 18: Jack E. Cohen is incorrect about three of the four motivations he blames for the continuing Arab-Israeli conflict. As Golda Meir recognized, peace will only come when the Arabs love their children more than they dream of the destruction of the democratic state of Israel.
April 24: Thomas Friedman's prescription for fixing what went wrong with the Oslo Process is a prescription for repeating the same disastrous errors that caused it to fail.

The Comedian: United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Speaking to a reporter at the United Nations headquarters, Ban Ki-moon, apparently with a straight face, said: "I don't think there is discrimination against Israel at the United Nations."
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