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  • Major Jewish/Israeli Internet Destinations
  • Lists of Jewish/Israeli Internet Resources
  • Central Jewish Denominations in the United States
  • Major Jewish Organizations
  • Waterbury Connections
  • Anti-Semitism and Holocaust
  • News Sources
  • Religious Material
  • Torah Commentaries
  • Jewish Holidays
  • Books, Music, Film and the Arts
  • Software and Other Computer Resources and Information
  • Everything Else Jewish
  • Major Jewish/Israeli Internet Destinations

    Virtual Jerusalem
    The central Jewish and Israeli oriented site in Israel.
    Contains a central listing of Jewish and Israeli mailing lists, usenet groups and archives around the world.
    The central Jewish and Israeli oriented site in the United States.

    Lists of Jewish/Israeli Internet Resources

    Andrew Tannenbaum's Home Page
    Canadian Jewish Resources
    Over three hundred useful links specializing in Canadian Jewish content.
    Don Kraft's List of Jewish Resources
    Compiled for the Hillel at LSU.
    Self described as the Ultimate Jewish/Israel Index. Contains thousands of links grouped by hundreds of subjects.
    Online Online Education Resources
    Created and maintained by Ari Davidow <>

    Central Jewish Denominations in the United States

    Orthodox Union
    Central body for the Orthodox Movement
    United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
    The coordinating body for Conservative synagogues in the United States
    Jewish Reconstructionist Federation
    The coordinating body for the Reconstructionist movement in the United States
    Union of American Hebrew Congregations
    The coordinating body for the Reform movement in the United States

    Major Jewish Organizations

    The American Jewish Committee
    The Anti-Defamation League
    B'nai Brith
    The Cantors Assembly
    The world's largest organization of professional hazzanim. Lots of resources for anyone interested in Judaism, synagogues, Conservative Judaism and Jewish music.
    The Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education. Includes recent articles from the CAJE Jewish Education News, the CAJE Curriculum Bank and other items of interest to Jewish educators.
    The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership
    United Jewish Communities - FedWeb
    UJC is the central coordinating body for the Jewish Federations in the United States and Canada, created by the merger of the Council of Jewish Federations and the United Jewish Appeal.
    Back in the early 1990s I was one of a small group of people trying to convince the leadership of major Jewish organizations, particularly the Council of Jewish Federations, that Internet was a fantastic tool that they needed to take advantage of. We knew that CJF would eventually climb aboard, even thought they didn't seem to agree. We hoped to speed up the process. I like to think we did.
    Chabad-Lubavitch in Cyberspace
    If you want really qualified intellegent knowledgable people to answer any question you may have, stop by here and click on "send your questions on Judaism here".
    The Jewish Education Service of North America is the continental instrument for Jewish educational planning and services. JESNA's mission is to enhance the quality and increase the impact of Jewish education in North America by strengthening the motivation, knowledge, and skills of lay and professional leaders and by encouraging concerted community action to expand and improve Jewish education in all its forms and settings.
    The site features information about JESNA including programs, services, and publications, in addition to links to other resources for Jewish education. JESNA is also the host of the Jewish Community Day School Network webpage.
    Jewish Theological Seminary
    Jews for Judaism
    MERCAZ is the American Zionist organization of the Conservative Movement. As such, MERCAZ is the only Zionist organization in America concerned with the future of Conservative/Masorti Judaism in Israel.
    MERCAZ promotes, defends, and encourages the efforts of Conservative/Masorti individuals and institutions in Israel.
    National Jewish Outreach Program
    E-Mail may be addressed to
    Simon Wiesenthal Center
    The Union of Councils for Soviet Jews (UCSJ)
    Since 1970, the UCSJ has been the largest independent grassroots human rights and Soviet Jewry organization, with 100,000 members in the United States, affiliated local Soviet Jewry action councils in 30 American cities, and Bureaus in Russia and Central Asia. The UCSJ's Moscow Bureau, established in 1990, was the first western non- governmental organization to be registered in the history of the USSR.
    E-Mail may be addressed to
    Jews in Russia and the former Soviet Union
    From the Union of Councils for Soviet Jews. News and analysis of issues affecting Jews in Russia and the former Soviet Union (FSU), including antisemitism, emigration, and human rights. Much of the information presented on the page comes from UCSJ contacts throughout the FSU and is not available anywhere else. It also features a bulletin board where for the discussion of important issues in an open forum and links to the Yad L'Yad assistance program page and action alerts. On action alert is an attempt to help the Jews of Tbilisi Georgia get their synagogue back for the first time since the 1920s.
    The Rabbinical Assembly
    The international association of Conservative rabbis.

    Waterbury Connections

    Since I live in Waterbury, I feel it's particularly important to list the resources of the Jewish community in Waterbury first. After all, our governor, who grew up near the heart of the Jewish area in Waterbury and who managed to win election despite the fact that this past election was one of the few he's run in where I didn't work to get his opponent elected, calls it the center of the universe.
    Chavurat Achim
    Chavurat Achim is my newest baby. A group of friends concerned about the availability of egalitarian Jewish services in Waterbury decided in 5762 to start a small chavurah. We hope to have intimate services held about one Shabbat a month in our homes and provide minyanim, when needed in Waterbury, after Beth El moves out of town.
    Beth El Synagogue
    Beth El is a Conservative synagogue in Waterbury. I used to belong to it; in fact, I used to be vice president, bulletin editor, and a bunch of other things. It is planning to move to Southbury.
    B'nai Shalom Synagogue
    B'nai Shalom is the Orthodox synagogue in Waterbury, located on Roseland Avenue just a few blocks from where Beth El used to be.
    B'nai Israel
    B'nai Israel is a Reform congregation temporarily located in the western suburb of Woodbury as it awaits the building of a new home in Southbury.
    Jewish Communities of Western Connecticut
    Formerly called The Jewish Federation of Greater Waterbury. This is my home Federation. I've been heavily involved in it for many years in many capacities, including president.

    Anti-Semitism and Holocaust

    The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam
    United States Holocaust Museum
    Holocaust Global Registry
    An interactive searchable database accessible worldwide set up to facilitate the registering of names of victims as well as survivors of the Holocaust.
    The JewishGen Holocaust Global Registry provides a central place for all survivors to list themselves and to search for, and connect with, family and friends. Child survivors who do not even remember their surnames may enter whatever information they have in the hope of discovering their roots.
    The Nizkor Project
    Holocaust educational resource dedicated to the millions of Holocaust victims who suffered and died at the hands of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime.
    Literature of the Holocaust
    An impressive volume of information on the Holocaust developed as a companion website for course at the University of Pennsylvania by Al Filreis, an English professor there.
    Swiss Dormant Accounts
    Nearly 3,700 new names on the list released by the Swiss Banking Association.
    Everyone who has even the remote possibility of having funds to claim from these thieves should check. It should be noted that small unclaimed accounts were donated to the Swiss Red Cross, another organization that worked against the Jews during WWII and to this day does not recognize Magen David Adom, Israel's equivalent of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent Society.
    US Holocaust Museum
    Yad Vashem
    The Holocaust memorial of the Jewish people. Located in Jerusalem, it was established in 1953 by an act of Knesset. The Yad Vashem Web site is the electronic version of this memorial. From this page, visitors are able to learn the history of Yad Vashem. They are able to read about the different exhibits at the memorial and reflect on the significance of its presence.

    News Sources

    Jerusalem Post Radio
    Commentary Magazine
    The Forward
    The Forward is America's premier Jewish newspaper, launched in English as a weekly in May 1990 by the famed Jewish Daily Forward. It has correspondents in Moscow, Israel, a full bureau in Washington, D.C., and it features the hottest cultural coverage in the Jewish world.
    The Website contains a selection of articles from the current issue of the newpaper, as well as items found only on the Web-site.
    Honest Reporting
    HonestReporting is a fast-action website dedicated to ensuring that Israel receives fair media coverage. It scrutinizes the media for anti-Israel bias and then mobilizes subscribers to complain directly to the news agency concerned.
    The Jewish Post of New York Online
    The Jewish Post claims to be the first and ONLY Jewish periodical in New York to offer an online edition.
    The Jewish Telegraphic Agency
    Moment magazine
    News in Hebrew
    Available from the Snunit Web server at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

    Religious Material

    Project Genesis
    Torah on the Information Superhighway. Provides answers to commonly asked questions about Judaism and a free learning program.
    Dedicated To Jewish Continuity.
    • Provides links for Torah / Traditional information, products, and services.
    • Presents the vibrance of Torah / Traditional Jewish Life.
    Kosher food alerts and kosher food information along with a zemanim service and kosher travel information.
    The OU Online
    Parashat HaShavuah
    Jewish Theological Seminary's Chancellor Schorsch's Parashat HaShavuah. The Seminary also hosts a mailing list to which the weekly parashot are sent by email.
    Reform Responsa
    Searchable index to the Reform responsa.
    Positions and events in academic Jewish Studies.
    The site features book reviews and a database listing scholars by area of specialization.
    It also includes the back issues of the Newsletter (where you can look at job postings and conference announcements), the archives of daily discussions, syllabi, pre-print articles and information on other resources in Jewish Studies. It's searchable.
    Talmud Bavli
    Topical reference for about 450 or so Daf indexed so far by Mordechai Torczyner.
    The Jewish Bible Association. Includes information on:
  • The JEWISH BIBLE QUARTERLY, the only Jewish-sponsored English-language journal devoted exclusively to the Jewish Bible
  • A 24-year index of articles from the JBQ
  • Instructions to authors for those who wish to prepare scholarly articles for publication
  • subscription information
  • Activities of the Jewish Bible Association in Jerusalem
  • Information on our college-level courses in Bible given over the Internet
  • Membership benefits: up to 50% discount on selected Jewish- oriented books, videos, computer programs and CDROM's; 30% discount on tuition for Association-sponsored college-level courses in Bible given online over the Internet.
  • Tanach, Talmud Bavli, and Talmud
    Full Hebrew text of the Tanach, Talmud Bavli, and Talmud Yerushalmi from Snunit at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. There are hypertext links between psukim in Tanach and any mention of them in the Talmud and vice versa! These texts, along with Mishne Torah leRambam, Mishna, and Tosefta, are available for downloading along with DOS browsing software in the freeware MTR package. In order to read these texts via a web browser such as Netscape on the Mac or a PC with Windows you must install Hebrew web fonts.
    Triennian Cycle for Torah Reading
    Based upon "A complete triennial system for reading the Torah" by Rabbi Richard Eisenberg.
    Yerushalmi On the Net
    Not just the Talmud Yerushalmi texts here, but also at this site one can search and read in the Bible, Mishnah, Toseftah, Yerushalmi, and Bavli.
    Yeshiva Aish HaTorah
    A large collection of Jewish information geared to those who already have a substantial base of Jewish knowledge. Includes a collection of classes and the yeshiva's elementary "Fundamentals" program. Questions may be addressed to
    Yeshiva Har Etzion
    Features a "virtual Beit Midrash" which is like a correspondence course given in response to a Torah class.
    Yeshiva Ohr Somayach
    Jerusalem yeshiva. Includes comments, questions and answers on the weekly Torah portion, an "Ask the Rabbi" column an "Ask the Rabbi" service and a variety of classes at different levels. Email may be sent to

    Torah Commentaries

    Bar-Ilan University's Parashat Hashavua Study Center
    Lectures on the weekly Torah reading by the faculty of Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan, Israel. A project of the Faculty of Jewish Studies, Paul and Helene Shulman Basic Jewish Studies Center, and the Office of the Campus Rabbi. Published on the Internet under the sponsorship of Bar-Ilan University's International Center for Jewish Identity.
    Neshama Art
    The Neshama Art online art gallery includes a weekly Torah commentary.
    Rashi Yomi
    Comprehensive site covering the commentaries of Rashi.
    The Jewish Network provides a comprehensive list of Torah commentary sites.
    Torah Fax
    TorahFax was founded by Rabbi Zalmen Marozov in September 1992 in Montreal, Canada. The purpose of TorahFax is to give the businessman and professional, with a busy schedule, a chance to learn a little Torah on a daily basis. TorahFax began with daily FAX transmission of Torah concepts, before expanding to Internet.

    Jewish Holidays

    Rosh Hashanah
    • High Holy Days on the Net celebrates these important Jewish holidays by offering the history of the High Holy Days and their meaning. Recipes such as challah and kugel are featured, as well as holiday pictures for children to print out and color.
    • -- Rosh hashanah Greetings, Rosh Hashana Ecards and Greeting Cards

    Books, Music, Film and the Arts

    Artistic Judaic Promotions
    Represents Israeli and Judaic artists.
    Broder's Rare & Used Books
    Tons of Judaica. Believe me--I've seen their attic!
    Edward R. Hamilton, Bookseller
    Books on Judaism, most by or about Conservative rabbis. Book orders have a $3.00 shipping charge per order.
    The Haunted Smile
    The Story of Jewish Comedians in America. Written by Lawrence J. Epstein, this site contains an excerpt, one of the chapters, from the book.
    Jewish Humor Archives
    Archives from the Jewish Humor list at Virtual Jerusalem. You can subscribe to the list itself by sending the message
    sub jewish-humor <your name here>
    Billed as "the largest Jewish bookstore on the Web," POB 61419, Jerusalem, ISRAEL, Tel/Fax: (972)-2-242-891, e-mail:
    The Jewish Book Club
    The Judaica Press
    Books and software. They both publish and translate books.
    Klezmer Home Page
    Kol-Ami -- Voice of My People
    Self-described as the world's largest selection of Israeli and Jewish music and videos.
    Kush Publications
    Klezmer music, books, cassettes and CDs. The Klezmer Music Fake Book, volumes 1 and 2.
    Jewish Films and Videos
    An annotated listing compiled by Larry Mark of The New York Times. According to Larry,
    Many of the films on this list have been collected from the brochures of various film festivals in the U.S. and Israel. So the credit for all the legwork and the beautiful prose must go to the producers and copywriters from these festivals. Many of them have their own homepages.
    Jewish Music Shopping
    The Mazeltones
    This is their official page and has all their current performances, recordings and other goodies.
    Mostly Music
    Self described as The Heart of Jewish Music.
    Allegedly the largest on-line Judaica bookstore.
    Online database of Jewish songs. Includes both audio and text.

    Software and Other Computer Resources and Information

    Membership and accounting software.
    Calendrical Calculations
    Sources for explanations of the algorithms needed for converting between Gregorian, ISO, Julian, Islamic, and Hebrew calendars. It also includes source code for the algorithms in LISP, which you can translate to your programming language of choice.
    Hebrew Font Information From the Yamada Home Page
    Hebrew for ME
    On-line, interactive, Hebrew learning. Hebrew for ME is being developed by and for the Jewish on-line community, using Java technology from ZigZag, Inc. Includes an education area called The Learning Post.
    A Collection of Hebrew related Software. Hebrewsoft calls itself a one stop shop for all freeware, shareware and shopware hebrew software titles.
    Hebrew Typography and Resources
    Ari Davidow created a weblog dedicated to Hebrew Typography. It includes everything from getting AbiWord and Word to work with Hebrew to beautiful Yiddish book covers along with links to notable sites relevant to the subject.
    The History of Jewish Networks
    An ongoing project of Zvi Lando, the creator of "Jerusalem One", which is now known as "Virtual Jerusalem". This site also include links to other projects, such as the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Departments from the Jewish Agency, and Israel's Social Security agency.
    How to Read Hebrew on the Internet
    This site contains information on reading Hebrew on the Internet, both in web pages and email. Contains links to ftp sites for obtaining fonts and instructions on their installation and use as well as creating HTML documents using Hebrew.
    Learn Hebrew Verbs
    Learn Hebrew verbs is a free, on-line, educational resource containing 300 Hebrew verbs conjugated in all tenses (past, present, future, imperative). The site menu provides selection by one tense or all tenses; gender or both genders; singular and/or plural. For your convenience, you can choose a Hebrew or English menu to navigate the site.
    LEV Software, Inc.
    Hebrew Educational Software, 1-800-776-6538,
    Transparent Software
    Publishers of Rakefet, a synagogue management software package.
    Foundation Stone
    RosettaStone is a free Java based Hebrew (or any other non Asian) language tutoring application created by Ben Stitz It requires a Macintosh or Windows 95.
    Included with the current download, as of March 1998, is the start of the "Online Hebrew Tutorial," which currently has an Alef-Bet language tutorial. It will eventually include a complete, condensed set of language lessons to learn Hebrew.
    The wordlists currently include around 1500 words.

    Everything Else Jewish

    A Jewish Voice
    Maintained Rabbi Yosi Aronson of Jerusalem and dedicated to the presentation of Jewish values and culture. It includes: a section on Jerusalem, presenting the spiritual-historical connection of the Jewish people to Yerushalayim; a section presenting portions of the Talmud in a hypertext, interactive manner; a section with Klezmer music; educational games and online study groups.
    Aaron Freeman of the Alliance of Black Jews
    This site includes press releases from the Alliance as well as contact for the group which has its charter meeting November 10-12 1995 in Chicago.
    American Family Immigration History Center
    Includes passenger records from the ships which carried over 22 million immigrants to Ellis Island between 1892 and 1924.
    The American Jewish Historical Society
    Beis Moshiach Magazine
    This is a weekly Lubavitch publication with a focus on the imminent Geula (Redemption) and coming of Moshiach. It also has articles on Chassidut. Bnos Henya Project
    Serving the needs of Jewish homeschool educators.
    The Virtual Center of the Worldwide Sephardic Jewish Community, hosted by B'Nei Shaare Zion, the largest Sephardic Congregation in America.
    Camp Yavneh
    An overnight Jewish camp located on a lake in southern NH. 250 campers about 100 staff. Shomer Shabbat, kosher (veggie alternative), k'lal Yisrael with either orthodox or egalitarian t'fillot daily. Yavneh is affiliated with Hebrew College of Boston and has been in existence for 53 years. Knowledge of Hebrew is helpful.
    Career Moves
    A Career center at Jewish Vocational Service. Career Moves provides quality, affordable services for professionals seeking jobs or career changes. Job seekers can post their profile and resume, review job listings, and access other services and networking contacts through Career Moves.
    Employers can post job listings, review job seeker profiles or contact us to be matched with qualified job candidates
    The Center for Jewish History
    A partnership among four Jewish cultural, educational and research institutions: the American Jewish Historical Society, the Leo Baeck Institute, the Yeshiva University Museum and the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.
    A Classification System For Libraries of Judaica
    Contains a description of the 3rd edition of "A Classification System For Libraries of Judaica" was published by Jason Aronson Inc.(New Jersey USA). The authors, David and Daniel Elazar (Rishon LeZion and Jerusalem) contend that there was and is a need for a classification system for libraries with Judaic collections to classify and arrange these collections according to Jewish concepts using Jewish thought and terminolgy. This is in contrast to the familiar classification schemes like Dewey and LC which incorporate the Bible, Judaism and Israel into a general, non-Jewish, world of knowledge without relating the Biblical, Jewish,and Zionist (Israel) subjects to each other in the spirit of Jewish Tradition.
    Conversion Information
    Dr. Lawrence J. Epstein, a member of the Joint Commission on Intermarriage of the Rabbinical Assembly/United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, and an author of a number of books, pamphlets and articles on intermarriage and conversion, has set up a web page for those seeking information on conversion to Judaism. Although Conservative Judaism is emphasized, USA addresses and phone numbers for obtaining information from the Orthodox (RCA), Reform and Reconstructionist movements are provided.
    DataJEM--The Database of Jewish Educational Materials
    A project of The Pedagogic Center, The Education Department of The Jewish Agency for Israel.
    DataJEM contains reviews of many of the most up to date materials in Jewish Education, as well as important in-print publications from previous decades. Materials reviewed include books, films, computer software, games, websites, posters, maps and journals in English or Hebrew. Collection was concentrated on the following subject areas: Israel, Shabbat and Hagim, Jewish Laws and Customs, Hebrew Language, Jewish History and the Holocaust.
    Interactive Jewish Calendar. Includes holidays, candlelighting times by zip code.
    Jewish Communities of the World
    An upclose look at Jewish life in 120 countries around the World presented by the Institute of the World Jewish Congress
    Haifa Museum of Science
    Hebrew University
    Communaute On Line
    The French Jewish Community
    Harwin Studios
    Holidays on the Net
    This isn't solely Jewish, but has resources for many Jewish holidays. Indeed, it seems as if it's basically a Jewish oriented resource with a few generic American holidays thrown in.
    Israel Museum
    Jewish Food
    The archives of the newsgroup. It includes a searchable archive.
    Jewish Family & Life!
    The first publication to address the concerns of today's assimilated young Jewish families.
    Self-described as an independent, transdenominatoinal, award-winning webzine on parenting and other issues. Includes new articles and discussion groups every week and a wealth of holiday features. Rated the best Jewish site by NetGuide. Features a summary of the weekly torah portion with discussion questions, as well as three other weekly columnists, including Dear Rabbi. Elie Wiesel co-chairs the editorial board.
    Jewish Job Resource
    Jew Central has consolidated many resources to create a central place to begin job searches including job links, articles and discussions.
    The Jewish Student Online Research Center
    Facts about virtually every aspect of Jewish history. JSOURCE is designed to be a cyber encyclopedia that covers past and current issues related to anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, Israel, Judaism, U.S.-Israel relations and Zionism. JSOURCE also includes data on relations between Israel and all 50 states and the District of Columbia, a bibliography of books and web sites, biographies of prominent Jews and a glossary of terms.
    JSOURCE is a project of the American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise (AICE), a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization created in 1993 to strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship by emphasizing the values our nations share. JSOURCE is a part of AICE's effort to educate Americans about Israel, promote positive attitudes and Shared Value Initiatives, publicize joint activities and the benefits accruing to America and Israel from them, and act as a clearinghouse for information. AICE also publishes a series of books that identify novel Israeli approaches that could be adapted for use in America. These studies explore the range of cooperative U.S.-Israel programs (Partners for Change), Israeli innovations in education (Learning Together), care for the elderly (Experience Counts), biotechnology (Breakthrough Dividend) and promoting coexistence (Building Bridges).
    The Jewish University in Cyberspace
    Mazel Tops Yarmalkes
    Hand painted yarmalkes.
    An on-going conversation among Jewish intellectuals.
    Mifgash developed as a result of a community of Jewish intellectuals within and outside the academy assembling to discuss issues of shared concern affecting out own lives and the Jewish future.
    Mishmash Jewish Humor
    Hundreds of Jewish jokes with topics ranging from generic Jewish wit to Synagogue jokes to holiday humor.
    Neve Yerushalayim
    One of Jerusalem's senior institutions for women. They cover the entire gamut from those exploring Judaism for the first time, through those with a full religious schooling interested in spending a year or more in Israel.
    Orchos Chaim
    A new Yeshiva for young men already committed to Jewish observance, offering a serious academic environment for them to pursue their studies from a beginning through intermediate level.
    Penn Hillel
    The Kedem Winery
    The Royal Wine Company. We used to visit their winery in New York with a group of friends for a wine tasting every year.
    The Orthodox Connection
    The Orthodox Connection is a shadchan service dedicated to Jewish singles who are shomer shabbos and keep a kosher home. They claim to be international, discreet, and determined to find soulmates for their clients.

    Discretion Policy

    Orthodox Connection prides itself on the confidentiality and discretion of its operation. Information contained within our database is never revealed without permission. Client photographs are collected for file reference exclusively and are never shown or distributed. The progress of any relationship is treated with the utmost diplomacy.
    Perseverance Clothing
    T-shirts, baseball caps, sweatshirts and other articles of clothing using variations of Jewish graphics and art designs. A percentage of all profits benefit the Simon Wiesenthal Center.
    Jewish Shopping Mall
    The Source for Everything Jewish
    Jewish giftware. They also have an 800 number: 800-426-2567.
    Tourism in Israel
    "The Giving Page."
    The Let's Twin Page
    "Twinning " is a proven method of building bridges between communities and groups within those communities. Twinning with a school or organization in Israel via e-mail can enrich a Jewish studies curriculum, add a new dimension to Israel studies, enrich the meaning of being Jewish today and will allow a focus on an area of special interest to a school or organization.
    Weizman Institute Home Page

    General and Non-Jewish Resources

    The Arabic Electronic Mail Journal
    The Bible Browser
    The Bible Browser is a simple but powerful interface designed to help you browse the Bible actively, in a way that is not possible with traditional printed books. Using the Bible Browser, You can look up biblical passages directly, by keyword, substring, or word pattern. You can also perform phrase searches, execute logical operations on groups of passages, retrieve passages from different versions, and limit in various ways the quantity and range of material retrieved.
    Created by Richard L. Goerwitz <>.
    EINET Galaxy
    The Online Bible for Macintosh
    Resistance Records
    A record company specializing in hate music.
    Tanach Online (Masoretic)
    This resource is prepared by the Institute Practical Bible-education, an actively proselytising Christian organization, "which gives a Christian explanation of the Scriptures to the Jewish community in Israel and the Diaspora". It's on the Internet Christian Library site.
    Yaohushua Home Page
    A Messianic Judaism (Christians misrepresenting a branch of Christianity as Judaism) site.
    The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Religion

    The Comedian: United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

    Speaking to a reporter at the United Nations headquarters, Ban Ki-moon, apparently with a straight face, said: "I don't think there is discrimination against Israel at the United Nations."
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