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Government and Political Information

  • The Federal Government
  • State and Local Governments
  • Foreign Governments and Affairs
  • Non-Governmental Groups
  • Political Parties and Election Information
  • The Federal Government

    The White House
    The Congress Database
    The United States Senate
    The United States House of Representatives
    The Federal Web Locator
    Villanova Center For Information Law And Policy
    All the US government information you may want, by Executive-Judicial-Legislative-Quasi-Independent- Misc, as well as by departments and groups within same.
    CapWeb is an online guide to the members and committees of the 105th Congress. Names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail and web page URLs are listed for every member. Committee rosters, addresses, and web pages (when they exist) are listed. Pointers to other information is included - Politics, Parties, Think Tanks, the Congressional Record, Votes...
    Census Bureau
    Includes the CIA Factbook
    Department of Education
    Federal Election Commission
    Official source about financing campaigns for President, the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives. You will also find information about contribution limits and how citizens can participate in federal elections. The latest news and information about candidates, PACs, and Party organizations is here as well. Lastly, it provides a link to their FTP site including data files covering past and current election cycles.
    Federal News Service
    Transcripts of government speeches
    Government Printing Office
    Internal Revenue Service
    Tax forms, instructions, and more.
    Library of Congress
    National Archives
    National Weather Service
    Postal Service
    Secretary of State
    Social Security Agency
    Supreme Court Decisions
    U.S. Supreme Court Proceedings
    United States Federal Budget
    The most comprehensive compilation of federal budget line items anywhere. Detailed budgets from every department of every agency in the Federal Government.
    The United States Constitution
    Zip Code Directory

    State and Local Governments

    Connecticut Government Information Home Page
    Connecticut State Government Telephone and Email Directory
    A state directory of employee work addresses and telephone numbers. It will be expanded to include a directory of addresses and phone numbers for state agencies, legislators and congressional representatives.
    Connecticut General Assembly
    Connecticut State Senate Republicans
    Connecticut State Senate Democrats
    My District Legislators
    Joan Hartley15th Senate 842-1420
    Jeffrey J. Berger73rd Assembly 842-8267
    City of Waterbury

    Foreign Governments and Affairs

    Department of State Foreign Affairs Network
    The Electronic Embassy
    Home Pages for Foreign Embassies
    United Nations News
    Maintained by the UN Secretariat from the UN Headquarters in New York City, USA. Links to the following UN News resources: UN Journal (Programme of daily meetings at UN Headquarters, NY); Daily Highlights (Brief Press Summaries); UN Press Releases; and DPI Update (Newsletter of the UN Department of Public Information).

    Non-Governmental Groups

    The Carter Center
    More or less the official means of corresponding with Congressional representatives.
    Income Tax Information in Internet
    Searchable Contents
    1: Recent Major Educational Additions
    2: Information about this document
    3: IRS Forms, Instructions or Publications
    4: State Forms, Instructions or Publications
    5: Usenet Newsgroups
    6: FAQs and Discussions Of Tax Issues
    7: Income Tax Articles (including Daily and Weekly Updates)
    8: U.S. Tax Law - Legislative ( including Tax Code & GPO Online Access)
    9: U.S. Tax Law - Judicial (Courts & Legal Gateways )
    10: U.S. Law - Administrative (including Executive Branch, Regulations)
    11: Tax Treaty Information
    12: State Tax Law, Government Information (U.S.)
    13: Needed Information
    14: Gateways
    15: Tax Software
    16: Vendors Products And Home Page List
    17: Constants : Currency | State Personal Income Rates | Federal Constants
    18: Social Security tax (U.S.)
    19: Foreign (not U.S.) Income Tax
    20: Mailing Lists
    21: Newsletters
    22: New or Proposed U.S. Income Tax Changes
    The John F. Kennedy School of Government News Office
    Access to the best national and international resources for reporters. In addition to faculty experts,transcripts and publications, the site includes KSG OPIN, (Online Political Information Network) a well-developed set of links to most major sources of government and political information available on the Internet.
    A comprehensive list of legal and governmental resources on the WWW. This list is maintained for lawyers, paralegals, and others interested in obtaining the legal information on the Internet. LawMarks is updated weekly.
    Public Affairs Web
    Global index to all aspects of American Public Affairs. With thousands of 'Public Service Links', a Public Affairs Yellow Pages, secure weekly polling (and results online). Dedicated to bringing you the best and latest information and ideas from around the U.S. concerning candidates, public issues, legislation, state and local ballot measures, and public affairs professionals.

    Political Parties and Election Information

    The American Presidency
    A history of the office from Grolier Online.
    American Civil Liberties Union
    The Gallup Poll
    State Democratic Party Sites
    Displays the active state Democratic party sites. It also lists a link to Democratic presidential candidates. Other Democratic sites are also listed.
    Election Line
    This is a vast site apparently developed by ABC, Newsweek, and the Washington Post. It has everything from the latest polls to profiles of candidates to detailed info on every congressional district in the nation. If you are interested in politics, it's definitely worth checking out. Because almost all the information is text, a text-based web browser (e.g. Lynx) works just fine. Very impressive!
    The Democratic National Committee
    Access to DNC publications and press releases, audio and video clips, links to other Democratic Internet destinations and opportunities to interact with the National Democratic Party. In addition, the DNC page will utilize "real audio," a new technology that allows users to play audio files instantly while connected to the DNC Home Page, rather than downloading the files, which causes delays. Democratic National Committee Chairmen Christopher Dodd states that the Committee is absolutely committed to being a full participant in the increasing political discourse occurring via computer across the country.
    The Republican National Committee
    People for the American Way
    Progressive lobbying and activism with interesting information on the Religious Right in politics

    The Comedian: United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

    Speaking to a reporter at the United Nations headquarters, Ban Ki-moon, apparently with a straight face, said: "I don't think there is discrimination against Israel at the United Nations."
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