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Middle East Resources

Resources for Pro-Israel Peace Advocates

PRIMER-Connecticut's concise list of resources for people interested in peace in the Middle East.

Myths & Facts Online

Mitchell Bard has put one of the most valuable guides to the Arab Israeli conflict online.

The guide has chapters covering everything from Israel's roots to each of the wars to the current uprising. Because it is online we can now respond rapidly to new myths with accurate facts. All of the information is hyperlinked to the Jewish Virtual Library, the world's most comprehensive online encyclopedia of Jewish history and culture.

This is a work in progress and Dr. Bard welcomes comments and suggestions.

Yassir Arafat

Yassir Arafat In October, 1995, I had the dubious pleasure of hearing Yassir Arafat speak at a meeting with Jewish leaders. It's interesting to look back and compare my observations then with today's reality. Click to read my observations.

Israel Resources

Photo: Yerushalayim from the Jaffa Gate Photo: Tel Aviv from Yafo

We Should Not Forget

Information about the many victims of Arab terrorism in the mini-war Yassir Arafat initiated after rejecting the hand Israel stretched out to him in peace.
  • Central Jewish/Israeli Internet Servers
  • Hebrew
  • National and International Organizations
  • News
  • Governmental and Political
  • Schools, Colleges and Educational Experiences
  • Travel to Israel
  • Hotel and Apartment Rentals in Israel
  • Everything Else
  • Non-Israel Resources
  • Anti-Israel, Anti-Zionist Web Sites
  • Central Jewish/Israeli Internet Servers

    The central Jewish and Israeli oriented site in the United States.
    Contains a central listing of Jewish and Israeli mailing lists, usenet groups and archives around the world.
    Virtual Jerusalem
    Originally Jerusalem One. Experience Jerusalem, Israel, and the world's Jewish communties.


    How to Read Hebrew on the Internet
    This site contains information on reading Hebrew on the Internet, both in web pages and email. Contains links to ftp sites for obtaining fonts and instructions on their installation and use as well as creating HTML documents using Hebrew.

    National and International Organizations

    The Anti-Defamation League has always been one of my favorite organizations; I began to like it even more when my wife started working for it.
    The American-Israel Public Affairs Committee is the premier organization promoting the relationship between the United States and its most reliable friend, Israel.
    AMCHA - Israeli Centers for Holocaust Survivors
    AMCHA is the code word that helped survivors identify fellow Jews in war-ravaged Europe. Since 1987, AMCHA has provided support services such as psychotherapy, support groups, clubs for aging survivors, and volunteer services to homebound survivors.
    The American Jewish Committee
  • To safeguard the welfare and security of Jews in the United States, in Israel, and throughout the world
  • To strengthen the basic principles of pluralism around the world, as the best defense against anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry
  • To enhance the quality of American Jewish life by helping to ensure Jewish continuity and deepen ties between American and Israeli Jews
  • The BIRD Foundation
    The Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation, a resource for Israeli and American companies looking for strategic partners, pairs American and Israeli companies and offers 50 percent of project development costs up to $700,000.
    Birthright Israel
    Promotes free Israel experiences for teens who have never been to Israel.
    The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting. It attempts to keep various media honest in their reporting.
    The Women's Zionist Organization
    International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism
    Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
    Jewish Council for Public Affairs
    JCPA. Formerly NJCRAC, the National Jewish Community Relations Advisory Council.
    The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, an organization which specializes in the security aspects of the American-Israeli friendship.
    The Middle East Forum
    The Middle East Forum, a think tank, works to define and promote American interests in the Middle East. Founded in 1990 the Forum became an independent organization in 1994.

    The Forum holds that the United States has vital interests in the region; in particular, it believes in strong ties with Israel, Turkey, and other democracies as they emerge; works for human rights throughout the region; seeks a stable supply and a low price of oil; and promotes the peaceful settlement of regional and international disputes.

    Washington Institute for Near East Policy
    Women in Green
    Women for Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green) is a grassroots women's movement -- grandmothers, mothers, wives, and daughters; housewives and professionals; secular and religious -- bound together by a shared love, devotion and concern for Israel.
    World Zionist Organization
    Aliyah information, J.U.I.C.E. (Jewish University in Cyberspace) and the Museum of Zionism.
    Zionist Organization of America
    Lots of people thought they were crazy when the Oslo Accords were signed and they said that Arafat wouldn't abide by them. Unfortunately, their pessimistic predictions about the Palestinian Arabs are almost always borne out.


    Arutz-7 News Service
    Links to sources of Israel news, maps, media watch groups.
    Dry Bones
    Dry Button Dry Bones is Israel's political comic strip, created by Yaakov Kirschen<>. It is syndicated internationally by C&W Syndicate. Dry Bones has been a regular feature of leading Jewish Newspapers and journals for close to 25 years. The comic strip is often published or quoted by international media such as the New York Times, Time Magazine, CBS TV, ABC TV, The LA Times and The International Herald Tribune.
    Israel's Business Newspaper
    HonestReporting is a fast-action website dedicated to ensuring that Israel receives fair media coverage. It scrutinizes the media for anti-Israel bias and then mobilizes subscribers to complain directly to the news agency concerned.
    Independent Media Review Analysis
    Israel Broadcast Authority
    Daily television broadcasts in English.
    Internet Magazine dedicated to serving the international Jewish community. Includes departments for Judaica, Shopping in Israel, Art, Music, Behind the News in Israel, Tourism, Accommodations and Fiction
    The Jerusalem Post
    Kol-Yisrael Radio
    Hourly radio news broadcasts in Hebrew.
    Monitoring of Arab newspapers, speeches and in-depth studies of related issues.
    Palestinian Media Watch
    Monitoring of Palestinian Arab media and reports on related issues.

    Israeli Governmental and Political

    The Knesset
    Visitor are able to sight-see the Knesset virtually, get current updates of its agenda and correspond electronically with Knesset members.
    Prime Minister
    Includes Hebrew and English sections, with up-to-date information about the Prime Minister, his office and advisers, Cabinet Ministers and previous Prime Ministers. Includes transcripts of the Premier's speeches, press conferences and interviews, as well as policy papers issued by the Prime Minister's Office.
    Government Press Office
    Press releases, news headlines, articles, op-ed columns and policy and background columns.
    The Israel Foreign Ministry
    Contains information about breaking events, Palestinian Arab terrorism, Peace-making efforts.
    Central Bureau of Statistics
    The Israel Defense Forces
    Ministry of Immigrant Absorption
    In Hebrew, English and Russian. Includes information on various subjects to assist new and potential immigrants.

    Schools, Colleges and Educational Experiences

    Afula Community Center--Matnas Eshkol
    Including a glimpse of the joint ecology project conducted by students at the Alperin Schechter Day School in Providence Rhode Island and a school in the Afula/Gilboa region in Israel.
    The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design
    Livnot U'Lehibanot (To Build and to be Built)
    Three month and three week work, study and hiking programs in Tzfat and Jerusalem for young adults in the 20 to 30 age group. Includes classes in modern Jewish and Israeli history and traditional Jewish thought and customs as well as community service projects and overnight hikes in the Galilee and Negev. Email to Livnot U'Lehibanot can be addressed to
    University of Haifa
    Atop Mount Carmel in the seaside city of Haifa. Includes a Department of Overseas Studies.

    Travel to Israel

    EL AL
    Especially suited for the US travel market. EL AL is the only airline operating non-stop flights between Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Newark, and Tel Aviv. This site provides:
    • Special offers
    • Route maps and time table
    • Vacation packages to Eilat, Cairo, the HolyLand, and more
    • Frequent Traveller Club benefits ("Matmid")
    • List of EL AL sales offices in the USA
    Eldan Rent-A-Car
    Travel agent. Located in Englewood, New Jersey.
    Gems in Israel
    Spotlighting Israel's lesser-known tourist attractions
    Tourism to Israel
    Includes up-to-the-minute details on hotels, restaurants, transportation and tours. Illustrated with maps and color images of Israel.
    Cell phone rentals.
    Tamir Rent-A-Car
    Tamir is the company I use to rent a car every winter in Israel. Their prices are good and their service is friendly and efficient.

    Hotel and Apartment Rentals in Israel

    Jerusalem Area

    Nof Harim
    Country guest house by Shoresh Junction in the Judean Hills.
    Home Accommodation Association of Jerusalem
    Bed and breakfasts in the Jerusalem area.
    Jerusalem Lodges
    Short and long term rentals in Jerusalem.
    Pninat Katamon
    Kosher bed and breakfast on Aba Hikia Street.


    Mitzpe Yam Hotel

    Tel Aviv

    The Alexander
    All suites hotel at 3 Havakook Street by the beach.
    Kikar Dizengoff Apartments
    Short and long-term rentals near Dizengoff Square.


    Apartment and hotel rentals throughout Israel.
    Regent Tours
    Hotels all over Israel; also, tours to Jordon and Europe.

    Everything Else

    Anglo-Saxon Real Estate
    Calls itself the largest real estate marketing organization in Israel.
    Bank Hapoalim
    Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies
    Located at Bar Ilan University.
    Beit Hatefutsoth
    The Museum of the Jewish Diaspora. Provides multiple avenues for personal historical identification. By sharing the unique story of Jewish endurance, new generations are able to find the key to their own.
    Golan Heights Information
    Hebrew Dictionary
    English - Hebrew dictionary accessible for free via the Internet. The dictionary includes groups of words ranging from fruit and vegetables to basketball. The Judaism word list includes a timely Tu Be'Shvat section. The computer word list has over 400 terms including Internet concepts and words.
    AACI Jobnet
    A database of jobs put out by the Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel with funding from the Israel Ministry of Science and the Samis Foundation.
    The New Israel Fund
    One Jerusalem
    One Jerusalem has one objective: saving a united Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel. It organizes, educates and rallies supporters in Israel and all democratic countries, in order to educate elected government officials with a powerful voice in support of Israel's claim to sovereignty over its capital.
    The continuation of Project Renewal and Partnership 2000, P2G partners global Jewish communities directly with Israeli communities, the majority in national priority areas.
    Afula/Gilboa and SNEC
    The Southern New England Consortium (Connecticut, Rhode Island and Western Massachussetts) is partnered with Afula and the Gilboa Region in P2G
    Afula Community Center--Matnas Eshkol
    Including a glimpse of the joint ecology project conducted by students at the Alperin Schechter Day School in Providence Rhode Island and a school in the Afula/Gilboa region in Israel.
    PRIMER-Connecticut (Promoting Responsibility in Middle East Reporting
    A local offshoot of CAMERA, monitoring the media in Connecticut. I'm a former president.
    Covers news, information, and entertainment about Israel.
    The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
    Daily trade results, trade method explanations, and a short review of the TASE's history.

    Non-Israel Resources

    The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee
    The Arab distored imitation of the B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation League
    Arab Media Internet Network
    The Arabic Media Internet Network (AMIN) is a project of Internews Middle East that aims at supporting Arabic-speaking journalists and media personnel. AMIN's focus is on putting Arabic language reports and news stories on the World Wide Web and training journalists in accessing Arabic media and other resources on the Internet.
    Internews Middle East is a non-profit non-governmental organization which began operations in Jerusalem, Israel, in March 1996. The goal of Internews is to facilitate the free flow of information by supporting independent journalists and media. Internews Middle East is associated with Internews Europe, a Paris-based media group and Internews International.
    Daoud Kuttab is director of Internews Middle East.
    Birzeit University
    The Birzeit University Website is split into 4 sections:
    1. Brief information about Birzeit University - Introduction, Historical Background, International Relations, Courses and Programmes for Internationals, The Birzeit Campus and its Facilities, University Research Centres and other Community-related Programmes, Student Life, University Publications, Academic Requirements, Fees and Financial Aid, Academic Programme.
    2. Birzeit and the World Wide Web - A brief history of information technology in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, a brief history of Birzeit's Website development and where it is going, software used to make Birzeit's Website, web training at Birzeit, notes on using the Birzeit website, people involved in the construction of Birzeit's website.
    3. Birzeit University Archives - Birzeit Newsletter Archive, Birzeit Human Rights Archive, Birzeit Press Release Archive, Birzeit Photographic Archive, Birzeit Development Archive, Friends of Birzeit University (UK).
    4. The Palestine Archive - Becoming Palestine, Palestinian Architecture (RIWAQ), Palestinian School Education (EdNet), A Personal Diary.
      I assume that by Palestine they actually mean just the 10-15% of Palestine within Judea, Samaria and Gaza.
    Islamic Republic News Agency
    Jordan Times
    King Hussein Bin Talal
    A tribute to the legacy of King Hussein
    Lebanon Star
    MIT Arab Student Organization
    Tehran Times

    General Anti-Israel, Anti-Zionist Web Sites

    These are sites which are not merely generated by people or organizations not actively supportive of the only democracy in the Middle East, but dedicated to the destruction of America's only true friend and ally in that region. Many call themselves pro-Palestinian, but if they were really interested in the welfare of the Palestinian Arabs they would be urging the Palestinian Arab leadership to give up its goal of destroying Israel and make peace.

    Al-Awda: The Palestine Right to Return Coalition
    Right to Return is code for the destruction of Israel.
    Americans for Middle East Underdstanding
    It would more appropriately be called Americans for Middle East Misunderstanding
    Connecticut for the Corrie Resolution
    A site devoted to the launching of yet another investigation of the death of Rachel Corrie, the young anti-Israel, anti-American fanatic who was accidentally killed while protecting the homes of Arab terrorists. The site was constructed by the Middle East Crisis Committee and is co-sponsored by the mislabeled Connecticut Peace Coalition (New Haven) and Greater New Haven Peace Council along with the Green Party of Connecticut and Green Party (New Haven Chapter)
    US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation
    This group aims to change those US policies which sustain Israel in the face of Arab rejectionism and terrorism and support the only democracy and multicultural society in the Middle East.
    If Americans Knew
    A wonderful collection of disinformation
    Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions
    This group started out by opposing the demolition of homes, whether they are homes of terrorists or just built illegally, unless they are homes of Jews, in which case they favor the demolition. It has branched out to oppose just about anything and everything Israeli.
    Jewish Voice for Peace
    They bill themselves as working to achieve a lasting peace that recognizes the aspirations of both Israelis and Palestinian Arabs for security and self-determination. In reality, they blame Israel for every problem and ignore the Arab campaign of terrorism and the rejection by the Palestinian Authority of a peace offer which would have given them almost everything they claimed they were demanding. The group acts as a mouthpiece for anti-Israel propagandists. It would more properly be called Ersatz Jews Against Israel and Peace
    Misleadingly bills itself as "The Political Home for Pro-Israel, Pro-peace Americans," deliberately ignoring the fact that every pro-Israel organization is pro-peace. It works hard to undermine the work of AIPAC, the group which by its nature and mission represents the mainstream supporting the strong relationship between America and Israel. JStreet often lobbies against Israel and with the so-called pro-Palestinian Arab groups working to demonize Israel.
    Middle East Crisis Committee
    The vehicle of anti-Israel activist Stanley Heller.
    Palestine Remembered
    Self-described as the home of all ethnically cleansed Palestinians. A partner of Al-Awda.
    Tree of Life Educational Fund
    Offshoot of the annual anti-Israel hatefests organized by the First Congregational Church of Old Lyme in Connecticut.
    The USS Liberty
    Set up by Jim Ennes. Jim was present to experience that tragic mistake in the middle of a chaotic war. I take everything he writes with a grain of salt. Much of what he purports to be fact does contain a degree of truth; on the other hand, I have difficulty agreeing with many, if any, of his inferences and innuendos. He also seems to be rather sensitive to criticism; I have more than once personally been on the receiving end of harrassment he's orchestrated. He reminds me of Pat Buchanan, to whom I felt William Buckley was being extremely generous in merely concluding that statements of Buchanan were anti-semitic rather than concluding that Buchanan himself was anti-semitic. Ennes has even instigated complaints to my University in order to stifle the application of certain adjectives to him and I have at times heard from other Jews that they have also been subject to similar harrassment.
    Washington Report on Middle East Affairs
    A slick anti-Zionist propaganda rag. I've seen a few issues and they appear to me to often cross the line between legitimate criticism of everything Israeli and pandering to anti-semitism.

    The Comedian: United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

    Speaking to a reporter at the United Nations headquarters, Ban Ki-moon, apparently with a straight face, said: "I don't think there is discrimination against Israel at the United Nations."
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